Yvonne R

While obsessing over great product design, Yvonne can be found eating spicy food, watching reality tv or chasing after her 3 kids.

John R

John shops a lot for electronics and cycling gear, and he funds his habit by managing our website and other business activities.

Leo C

Leo wishes being CTO involved playing a lot more golf.

Michael M

Michael codes like he bowls – efficiently.  He thinks Tadd got robbed on Season 8 of #SYTYCD and he’s Katy Perry’s #1 fan in our office.

Chinh T

When he’s not hacking a python library, you can find Chinh blowin’ his saxophone with his Jazz-Americana band.

Kristen L

When Kristen isn’t counting our beans, she likes to go for long trail runs and plan for her next fly fishing adventure.

Aihua Z

Aihua uses two cookbooks regularly.  One is Chinese.  The other, python.

Megan R

Outside her product work, you will most likely find our midwesterner hanging out with little people, and doing anything outdoors.