The Cult of Amazon Prime – Some numbers

I loved the The Cult of Amazon Prime post by Jason Calacanis.  My experience is similar – signed up for Amazon Prime, began shopping there more, started subscribing to sundry items on a monthly basis to save 15%.  I’ve also noticed that I’m not the only person to talk about it at dinner parties anymore.  Jeff Bailey had an interesting take on what Amazon Prime is doing to Amazon’s numbers over at Ycharts.

At ShopSanity, we spend a lot of time researching shopper behavior.  We organize receipts for people and track the prices of items they buy – so that when a retailer cuts its price within a certain time after purchase, we can send our users alerts that they use to get money back via a retailer price adjustment.  We do all of this anonymously and securely (and for free), and the byproduct is that we develop some insight about what people buy.

Here’s some data we have about Amazon Prime users:

Average Monthly Before Prime Average Monthly After Prime
Amazon Orders 0.73 2.32
Spend at Amazon $24.98 $75.31
Orders everywhere 2.02 4.33


We love the free 2 day shipping experience.  We even love it so much that for a limited time, we’re giving out free 1 year ShopRunner memberships at ShopSanity.  ShopRunner is like Amazon Prime, but it works at about 100 stores – Toysrus, Sports Authority, American Eagle, etc.  If you like Amazon Prime, or just hate paying for shipping, it’s worth checking out.


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